Adding Machine Musical

The Adding Machine musical is an adaptation of Elmer Rice’s 1923 play The Adding Machine.


The story revolves around Mr. Zero, an accountant who, after 25 years of service, is replaced by an adding machine.

In a moment of rage, he murders his boss.

The musical follows his journey to the afterlife, where he is confronted with the consequences of his life’s choices and actions.

The show is a darkly comic exploration of technology, alienation, and the dehumanization of the modern worker.

About the show

Songs from Adding Machine: A Musical

  1. Something to Be Proud Of
  2. Harmony, Not Discord
  3. Office Reverie
  4. Movin’ Up
  5. In Numbers
  6. I’d Rather Watch You
  7. The Party
  8. Zero’s Confession
  9. I Was a Fool
  10. Ham and Eggs
  11. Didn’t We?
  12. The Gospel According to Shrdlu
  13. Death March
  14. A Pleasant Place
  15. Shrdlu’s Blues
  16. I’d Rather Watch You (Reprise)
  17. Freedom!
  18. The Music of the Machine

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