Aida is a timeless love story, set in ancient Egypt.


It tells the tale of the forbidden love between Aida, a Nubian princess captured by the Egyptians, and Radames, an Egyptian soldier betrothed to the Pharaoh’s daughter.

As their love blossoms, they are forced to face death or part forever.

Together, they set a shining example of true devotion that ultimately transcends the vast cultural differences between their warring nations, heralding a time of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

About the show

Songs from Aida

  1. Every Story Is a Love Story
  2. Fortune Favors the Brave
  3. The Past Is Another Land
  4. Another Pyramid
  5. How I Know You
  6. My Strongest Suit
  7. Enchantment Passing Through
  8. My Strongest Suit (Reprise)
  9. Dance of the Robe
  10. Not Me
  11. Elaborate Lives
  12. The Gods Love Nubia
  13. A Step Too Far
  14. Easy as Life
  15. Like Father, Like Son
  16. Radames’ Letter
  17. How I Know You (Reprise)
  18. Written in the Stars
  19. I Know the Truth
  20. Elaborate Lives (Reprise)
  21. Enchantment Passing Through (Reprise)
  22. Every Story Is a Love Story (Reprise)