Bat Boy: The Musical

Bat Boy: The Musical is inspired by a tabloid headline about a half-boy, half-bat creature discovered in a cave.


The story unfolds in the small town of Hope Falls, West Virginia, where the local veterinarian’s family takes in the creature, named Edgar.

As Edgar struggles to fit into a hostile community and understand his own identity, he and the town confront themes of acceptance, xenophobia, and love.

The musical combines elements of horror and satire with a heartwarming story about understanding and compassion, set to a lively and eclectic rock score.

About the show

Songs from Bat Boy: The Musical

  1. Hold Me, Bat Boy
  2. Christian Charity
  3. Ugly Boy
  4. Whatcha Wanna Do?
  5. A Home for You
  6. Another Dead Cow
  7. Dance with Me, Darling
  8. Mrs. Taylor’s Lullaby
  9. Show You a Thing or Two
  10. Christian Charity (Reprise)
  11. A Home for You (Reprise)
  12. Comfort and Joy
  13. A Joyful Noise
  14. Let Me Walk Among You
  15. A Joyful Noise (Reprise)
  16. Three Bedroom House
  17. Children, Children
  18. Inside Your Heart
  19. Apology to a Cow
  20. Finale: I Imagine You’re Upset / I Am Not a Boy