Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a musical adaptation of the Disney animated film of the same.


Beauty and the Beast is a Broadway musical set in a French village, where Belle, a bright young woman, becomes prisoner in the castle of the Beast, a prince under a spell.

As they spend time together, Belle sees beyond the Beast’s appearance and discovers a kind heart.

In the village, Gaston, who wants to marry Belle, leads a mob to kill the Beast.

The Beast is wounded but transforms back into a prince when Belle declares her love, breaking the spell.

The musical ends with Belle and the prince reunited, and the castle’s enchanted inhabitants restored to their human forms.

About the show

Songs from Beauty and the Beast

  1. Overture / Prologue
  2. Belle
  3. No Matter What
  4. No Matter What (Reprise) / Wolf Chase
  5. Me
  6. Belle (Reprise)
  7. Home
  8. Home (Reprise)
  9. Gaston
  10. Gaston (Reprise)
  11. How Long Must This Go On?
  12. Be Our Guest
  13. If I Can’t Love Her
  14. Entr’acte / Wolf Chase
  15. Something There
  16. Human Again
  17. Maison des Lunes
  18. Beauty and the Beast
  19. If I Can’t Love Her (Reprise)
  20. The Mob Song
  21. The Battle
  22. End Duet / Transformation
  23. Beauty and the Beast (Reprise)