Brigadoon is a musical about a mysterious Scottish village that appears for only one day every hundred years.


Two American tourists, Tommy and Jeff, stumble upon Brigadoon and are enchanted by its charm and seemingly magical qualities.

Tommy falls in love with Fiona, a resident of Brigadoon, and is faced with the difficult choice between staying with her or returning to his life in the modern world.

The story explores themes of love, destiny, and the fleeting nature of time, set against the backdrop of beautiful Scottish melodies and dances.

About the show

Songs from Brigadoon

  1. Brigadoon / Vendors’ Calls / Down on MacConnachy Square
  2. Waitin’ for My Dearie
  3. I’ll Go Home with Bonnie Jean
  4. The Heather on the Hill
  5. Almost Like Being in Love
  6. Come to Me, Bend to Me
  7. There But for You Go I
  8. My Mother’s Weddin’ Day
  9. From This Day On / Brigadoon