Bright Star

Bright Star tells a sweeping tale of love and redemption set against the rich backdrop of the American South in the early 20th century.


The story alternates between the 1920s and 1940s, following the life of Alice Murphy, a literary editor whose youthful optimism and encounters with love and loss deeply influence her future.

The narrative unfolds as a young soldier, just returned from World War II, seeks to find his place in the world and crosses paths with Alice, leading to revelations that connect their pasts in profound and unexpected ways.

With a soulful bluegrass score, Bright Star explores themes of connection, transformation, and the resilience of the human spirit.

About the show

Songs from Bright Star

  1. If You Knew My Story
  2. She’s Gone
  3. Bright Star
  4. Way Back in the Day
  5. Whoa, Mama
  6. Firmer Hand/Do Right
  7. A Man’s Gotta Do
  8. Asheville
  9. What Could Be Better
  10. I Can’t Wait
  11. Please, Don’t Take Him
  12. A Man’s Gotta Do (Reprise)
  13. Sun Is Gonna Shine
  14. Heartbreaker
  15. Another Round
  16. I Had a Vision
  17. Always Will
  18. So Familiar
  19. At Long Last
  20. Finale