Dead Outlaw

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Dead Outlaw is a true story about Death, Money and Fame and all the other things that make this country run.

The brand new musical from the team behind The Band’s Visit will make its world premiere Off-Broadway at the Minetta Lane Theatre, presented by Audible Theater.


Dead Outlaw draws inspiration from the real-life tale of Elmer McCurdy, a determined outlaw from the early 20th century whose endeavors in crime and struggles with alcoholism were cut short by a Western posse. His preserved remains became a macabre exhibit, touring the United States for years as part of a sideshow attraction.

In a bizarre twist of fate, his body ended up in a Southern California amusement park, hanging in a horror-themed ride. The discovery that it was not a mannequin but McCurdy’s actual body came unexpectedly when a crew member from the TV show The Six Million Dollar Man accidentally dislodged an arm, unveiling the bone underneath.

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