Falsettos is a poignant and humorous exploration of the modern family dynamic, set against the backdrop of New York City in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


The musical centers around Marvin, who leaves his wife Trina and young son Jason to live with his lover, Whizzer.

As Marvin strives to create a tight-knit family out of his complex web of relationships, the characters navigate the challenges of love, jealousy, and the looming AIDS crisis.

The story evolves to show the strength and resilience of this unconventional family structure, highlighting themes of acceptance, change, and the enduring power of love through adversity.

About the show

Songs from Falsettos

  1. Four Jews in a Room Bitching
  2. A Tight-Knit Family
  3. Love is Blind
  4. The Thrill of First Love
  5. Marvin at the Psychiatrist (A Three-Part Mini-Opera)
  6. My Father’s a Homo / Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist
  7. This Had Better Come to a Stop
  8. I’m Breaking Down
  9. Jason’s Therapy
  10. A Marriage Proposal
  11. Trina’s Song
  12. March of the Falsettos
  13. The Chess Game
  14. Making a Home
  15. The Games I Play
  16. Marvin Hits Trina
  17. I Never Wanted to Love You
  18. Father to Son
  19. The Baseball Game
  20. A Day in Falsettoland
  21. Everyone Hates His Parents
  22. What More Can I Say?
  23. Something Bad is Happening
  24. Holding to the Ground
  25. Days Like This
  26. Canceling the Bar Mitzvah
  27. Unlikely Lovers
  28. Another Miracle of Judaism
  29. Something Bad is Happening (Reprise)
  30. You Gotta Die Sometime
  31. Jason’s Bar Mitzvah
  32. What Would I Do?