Fame: The Musical is inspired by the 1980 film of the same name and follows the lives of several students attending the High School of Performing Arts in New York City.


Over four years, from auditions to graduation, the show explores the struggles, triumphs, and tensions in their personal lives and their endeavors to succeed in the competitive world of performing arts.

The characters confront issues such as illiteracy, substance abuse, family pressures, and the quest for identity and self-expression, all while striving to achieve fame in their future careers.

With energetic dance numbers, compelling drama, and songs that capture the highs and lows of aspiring artists, Fame is a heartfelt tribute to the challenges and rewards of pursuing one’s dreams.

About the show

Songs from Fame

  1. Pray I Make P.A.
  2. Hard Work
  3. I Want to Make Magic
  4. Can’t Keep It Down
  5. Tyrone’s Rap
  6. There She Goes!/Fame
  7. Let’s Play a Love Scene
  8. Bring on Tomorrow
  9. Think of Meryl Streep
  10. Dancin’ on the Sidewalk
  11. These Are My Children
  12. In L.A.
  13. Let’s Play a Love Scene (Reprise)
  14. Mabel’s Prayer
  15. Think of Meryl Streep (Reprise)
  16. Bring on Tomorrow (Reprise)