First Date

First Date: The Musical centers on the blind date between Aaron, an uptight businessman, and Casey, a fun-loving, quirky artist.


As the date unfolds in a trendy restaurant, the couple navigates through the treacherous waters of first impressions, ex-girlfriends, friends’ opinions, and conversational landmines.

The musical humorously explores the inner thoughts and outer expressions of a first date gone awry, with other restaurant patrons transforming into supportive best friends, manipulative exes, and protective parents, all singing and dancing their way through the evening.

First Date blends comedy, romance, and musical theatre, offering a candid look at dating in the modern era.

About the show

Songs from First Date

  1. The One
  2. First Impressions
  3. Bailout Song
  4. The Girl for You
  5. The Awkward Pause
  6. Allison’s Theme #1
  7. The World Wide Web Is Forever
  8. That’s Why You Love Me
  9. Allison’s Theme #2
  10. The Things I Never Said
  11. Bailout Song #2
  12. In Love with You
  13. The Check!
  14. First Impressions (Reprise)
  15. Something That Will Last