Ghost Quartet

Ghost Quartet is a song cycle about love, death, and whisky.


A camera breaks and four friends drink in four interwoven narratives spanning seven centuries: a grim tale about two sisters and a treehouse astronomer, a retelling of Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher, a purgatorial intermezzo about Scheherazade, and a contemporary fable about a subway murder.

These stories intersect, interlock, and interact in strange and dreamlike ways, featuring an array of musical styles and thematic elements.

The show is known for its unique structure, haunting music, and the intimate, immersive experience it creates.

About the show

Songs from Ghost Quartet

  1. I Don’t Know
  2. The Camera Shop
  3. Starchild
  4. Subway
  5. Usher, Part 1
  6. Soldier & Rose
  7. Any Kind of Dead Person
  8. The Astronomer
  9. Four Friends
  10. Fathers & Sons
  11. The Telescope
  12. Tango Dancer
  13. Lights Out
  14. The Photograph
  15. Bad Men
  16. Usher, Part 2
  17. Prayer
  18. Hero
  19. The Wind & Rain