High Fidelity

High Fidelity: The Musical is based on the novel by Nick Hornby and the subsequent film adaptation.


The story centers around Rob, a vinyl shop owner in Chicago, who is a self-professed music aficionado with a penchant for making ‘top five’ lists for every occasion.

Following a painful breakup with his girlfriend, Laura, Rob revisits his top five breakups to figure out where his relationships went wrong.

As he delves into his past and confronts his own shortcomings, Rob’s journey is interwoven with a soundtrack that reflects his obsession with music.

The musical explores themes of love, fidelity, and the search for identity, all set against the backdrop of a changing music industry.

About the show

Songs from High Fidelity

  1. The Last Real Record Store
  2. Desert Island Top 5 Breakups
  3. It’s No Problem
  4. She Goes
  5. I Slept With Someone
  6. 9% Chance of Your Love
  7. I Slept With Someone (Reprise)
  8. Terrible Things
  9. Number 5 With a Bullet
  10. Ready to Settle
  11. Nine Percent Chance
  12. It’s No Problem (Reprise)
  13. Cryin’ in the Rain
  14. Conflict Resolution
  15. Goodbye and Good Luck
  16. Turn the World Off (and Turn You On)
  17. Too Tired