I Should Be So Lucky


Brand new Stock Aitken Waterman jukebox musical I Should Be So Lucky features the soundtrack of a generation with music from the likes of Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, Jason Donovan and Bananarama.


Dive deep into a heartwarming and rib-tickling tale of Ella and Nathan – a star-crossed couple with wedding jitters and tropical dreams.

The story starts with a wedding that goes wrong. But the bride (Ella’s) family and her two best friends are not prepared to let her disappear in a puddle of grief and insecurity, so they accompany her on her honeymoon to Turkey to try and help her heal her broken heart. 

However, on the honeymoon they each have a transformative experience that changes their loves and lives forever. 

Meanwhile, Ella wrestles with a new love (the local tour guide) just as her old love turns up to try and win her back. With the help of her inner confidence (Kylie!) she begins to piece her life and broken heart back together and embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

About the show

Songs from I Should Be So Lucky

Act 1

  1. I Should Be So Lucky
  2. Too Many Broken Hearts
  3. Together Forever
  4. Better Off Without You
  5. Never Too Late
  6. The Heaven I Need
  7. If You Were with Me Now
  8. He Ain’t No Competition
  9. I Heard A Rumour
  10. Hand On Your Heart
  11. You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You
  12. Respectable
  13. Showing Out (Get Fresh at the Weekend)

Act 2

  1. That’s the Way It Is
  2. Step Back in Time
  3. Venus
  4. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
  5. Love in the First Degree
  6. Toy Boy
  7. Breakaway
  8. Better the Devil You Know
  9. In Another Place and Time
  10. Never Gonna Give You Up
  11. This Time I Know It’s for Real
  12. Tell Tale Signs
  13. Especially for You
  14. Never Gonna Give You Up