In Transit

In Transit: A Cappella Musical is Broadway’s first all-a cappella musical, telling the intertwined stories of eleven New Yorkers facing various personal challenges and changes.


Set within the confines of the New York City subway system, the musical showcases the diverse, fast-paced, and sometimes impersonal nature of urban life.

Through harmonies and vocal beats, the characters express their hopes, dreams, and fears, finding their paths crossing in unexpected ways.

The show explores themes of personal connection, the pursuit of dreams, and the ever-changing rhythm of life in the city, all performed without any musical instruments, relying solely on the power and versatility of the human voice.

About the show

Songs from In Transit

  1. Deep Beneath the City / Not There Yet
  2. Do What I Do
  3. Four Days Home
  4. Broke
  5. Saturday Night Obsession
  6. Wingman
  7. But, Ya Know
  8. Not There Yet (Reprise)
  9. Keep It Goin’
  10. A Little Friendly Advice
  11. Choosing Not to Know
  12. The Moving Song
  13. We Are Home
  14. Getting There