Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical is a gothic tale set in 19th century London, based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel.


The story revolves around Dr.

Henry Jekyll, a brilliant but obsessed scientist who seeks to separate the good and evil in human nature.

His experiments transform him into Mr.

Edward Hyde, his own alter ego, who embarks on a murderous spree.

The musical explores themes of duality, love, and the darker side of the human psyche, set to a dramatic and powerful score.

It includes the well-known songs This is the Moment and Someone Like You.

About the show

Songs from Jekyll & Hyde

  1. Prologue
  2. I Need to Know
  3. Facade
  4. Pursue the Truth
  5. Emma’s Reason
  6. I Must Go On
  7. Take Me as I Am
  8. Letting Go
  9. Facade (Reprise 1)
  10. No One Knows Who I Am
  11. Good ‘N’ Evil
  12. Now There is No Choice
  13. This is the Moment
  14. First Transformation
  15. Alive
  16. Your Work – And Nothing More
  17. Sympathy, Tenderness
  18. Someone Like You
  19. Alive (Reprise)
  20. Murder, Murder
  21. Once Upon a Dream
  22. Obsession
  23. In His Eyes
  24. Dangerous Game
  25. Fascination
  26. The Way Back
  27. A New Life
  28. Confrontation
  29. Facade (Reprise 4)
  30. Finale