King Kong

King Kong tells the epic tale of an ambitious young actress, Ann Darrow, and a maverick filmmaker, Carl Denham, as they voyage from 1930s New York City to the mysterious Skull Island, where they discover Kong, a giant ape.


Capturing Kong and bringing him back to New York for exhibition, Denham plunges into a world of greed and revenge, while Darrow forms an unlikely bond with Kong.

The musical explores themes of ambition, love, and the battle between man and nature, culminating in Kong’s iconic stand atop the Empire State Building.

Featuring groundbreaking puppetry and stagecraft, King Kong brings the classic story to life with innovative technology, creating a visually stunning and emotionally powerful spectacle.

About the show

Songs from King Kong

  1. In the Face of Forever
  2. Queen of New York
  3. Light in the Dark
  4. The World
  5. Full Moon Lullaby
  6. Adventure
  7. What’s It Gonna Take?
  8. Above and Beyond
  9. A Simple Prayer
  10. The Wonder
  11. Amen
  12. The Brightest Star
  13. Rise