Lysistrata Jones

Lysistrata Jones transports the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata by Aristophanes to the modern-day Athens University, where the basketball team hasn’t won a game in 30 years.


The story follows Lysistrata Jones, a new student who persuades the university’s women to withhold sexual privileges from the men until they win a basketball game.

The musical is a lighthearted, contemporary take on the classic battle of the sexes, combining humor, romance, and sports with a message about finding the courage to change and standing up for one’s beliefs.

The show is known for its catchy tunes, energetic choreography, and clever, modern adaptation of a classic tale.

About the show

Songs from Lysistrata Jones

  1. Right Now
  2. Just Once
  3. Change The World
  4. No More Giving It Up
  5. Lay Low
  6. I Don’t Think So
  7. You Go Your Way
  8. Where Am I Now?
  9. Write Me A Letter
  10. Don’t Judge A Book
  11. Hold On
  12. When She Smiles
  13. Hold On (Reprise)
  14. The Final Game
  15. Give It Up!
  16. Never Say Never (The Lysistrata Jones Cheer)