Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon is a tragic tale of love and loss set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War.


The story follows the romance between Chris, an American GI, and Kim, a young Vietnamese woman.

They fall in love in Saigon just before the city’s fall.

Chris is evacuated back to America, and Kim is left behind, pregnant with Chris’s child.

Years later, Chris discovers he has a son and returns to Vietnam with his American wife, Ellen, to confront his past.

The musical explores themes of sacrifice, identity, and the lingering effects of war on individuals and families.

It is a powerful examination of the human cost of war and the complexities of love and loyalty.

About the show

Songs from Miss Saigon

  1. Overture / Backstage Dreamland
  2. The Heat is On in Saigon
  3. The Movie in My Mind
  4. The Transaction
  5. The Dance
  6. Why God Why?
  7. This Money’s Yours
  8. Sun and Moon
  9. The Telephone Song
  10. The Deal
  11. The Wedding Ceremony
  12. Last Night of the World
  13. The Morning of the Dragon
  14. I Still Believe
  15. Back in Town
  16. Thuy’s Death
  17. You Will Not Touch Him
  18. This is the Hour
  19. If You Want to Die in Bed
  20. Let Me See His Western Nose
  21. I’d Give My Life for You
  22. Bui-Doi
  23. The Revelation
  24. What a Waste
  25. Please
  26. The Fall of Saigon
  27. Room 317
  28. Now That I’ve Seen Her
  29. The Confrontation
  30. The American Dream
  31. The Sacred Bird
  32. Finale