Pippin is a metatheatrical musical that tells the story of a young prince on his quest for meaning and significance.


Pippin, son of Charlemagne, is dissatisfied with his life and searches for fulfillment in various endeavors, including war, love, and politics, only to find them all unfulfilling.

Guided by the enigmatic Leading Player and a troupe of performers, Pippin’s journey is a spectacle of storytelling, illusion, and theatricality.

The musical explores themes of identity, purpose, and the allure of showmanship, culminating in a choice between a simple life and a grand finale.

About the show

Songs from Pippin

  1. Magic to Do
  2. Corner of the Sky
  3. War Is a Science
  4. Glory
  5. Simple Joys
  6. No Time at All
  7. With You
  8. Spread a Little Sunshine
  9. Morning Glow
  10. On the Right Track
  11. Kind of Woman
  12. Extraordinary
  13. Love Song
  14. I Guess I’ll Miss the Man
  15. Finale