Starlight Express

Starlight Express is a unique musical performed on roller skates.


The story is set in a child’s dream in which toy trains come to life and compete to become the fastest engine in the world.

The central character, Rusty the steam train, races against others including Electra, the electric train, and Greaseball, the diesel engine.

The musical combines elements of a fairy tale and a spectacle, with themes of love, ambition, and the challenge of modernity, all set against a backdrop of energetic and dynamic music and dance on wheels.

About the show

Songs from Starlight Express

  1. Overture
  2. Rolling Stock
  3. Call Me Rusty
  4. A Lotta Locomotion
  5. Pumping Iron
  6. Freight
  7. AC/DC
  8. He Whistled at Me
  9. The Race
  10. There’s Me
  11. Poppa’s Blues
  12. Belle the Sleeping Car
  13. Starlight Express
  14. The Rap
  15. U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D.
  16. Right Place, Right Time
  17. I Am the Starlight
  18. He Whistled at Me (Reprise)
  19. Race: The Final
  20. No Comeback
  21. One Rock ‘n’ Roll Too Many
  22. Only He
  23. Only You
  24. Light at the End of the Tunnel