Steps musical Here and Now

Here & Now musical poster

Here and Now is a new jukebox musical based on the songs recorded by British pop group Steps.

The show features an original book by Shaun Kitchener with a soundtrack of songs from the 00s band.

What is the plot?

The show is set in a seaside superstore called Better Best Bargains, where it’s Friday night, the vibe is right, and everyone’s dancing in the aisles.

But when Caz discovers the shelves are stocked with lies and betrayal, the summer of love she and her friends dreamed of suddenly feels like a tragedy. Have they all lost their chance of a ‘happy ever after’? Or does love have other plans in store…

About the show

Upcoming productions

A premiere production, produced by the band, together with ROYO with Pete Waterman, will run from 9 – 24 November 2024 at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham, England.

Songs in the show

Confirmed songs that feature in the show include:

  1. 5, 6, 7, 8
  2. Stomp
  3. Better Best Forgotten
  4. Last Thing On My Mind