Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is a compelling story of romance, ambition, and the dark side of Hollywood.


It revolves around Norma Desmond, a faded silent-film star who lives in a fantasy world in her mansion on Sunset Boulevard, dreaming of a triumphant return to the screen.

Joe Gillis, a struggling screenwriter, becomes entangled in her world.

The musical explores themes of fame, obsession, and the illusions of Hollywood.

About the show

Songs from Sunset Boulevard

  1. Overture
  2. Let’s Have Lunch
  3. Every Movie’s a Circus
  4. Surrender
  5. With One Look
  6. Salome
  7. The Greatest Star of All
  8. Girl Meets Boy
  9. Back at the House on Sunset
  10. New Ways to Dream
  11. Completion of the Script
  12. The Lady’s Paying
  13. The Perfect Year
  14. This Time Next Year
  15. Sunset Boulevard
  16. The Phone Call
  17. As If We Never Said Goodbye
  18. Paramount Conversations
  19. Surrender (Reprise)
  20. Girl Meets Boy (Reprise)
  21. Eternal Youth Is Worth a Little Suffering
  22. Who’s Betty Schaefer?
  23. Betty’s Office at Paramount
  24. Too Much in Love to Care
  25. New Year’s Eve (Back at the House on Sunset)
  26. Journey to Paramount
  27. Nuns with Guns
  28. The Final Scene