The Great British Bake Off Musical

The Great British Bake Off musical poster

Combine eight budding bakers, two charismatic hosts, a pair of legendary judges, and an irresistibly sweet original score to create the ultimate baking extravaganza!

The shwo takes audiences on a journey through the baking adventures of the contestants, each with their own fascinating tales and as distinct as their splendid baking masterpieces.


Discover who will rise to the occasion as the Star Baker, and who might stumble over a less-than-perfect pastry.

Anticipate endearing personalities, heaps of humour, and delightful tunes in this fresh and original British musical, perfect for family audiences.

About the show

Songs from The Great British Bake Off Musical

  1. Prologue
  2. The Bake Off Tent
  3. Obviously
  4. Somewhere In The Dough
  5. Slap It Like That
  6. Bring on the Scone
  7. Grow
  8. The Handshake Song
  9. My Dad
  10. All the Way
  11. Keep On Keeping On
  12. The Perfect Petit Fours
  13. Don’t Send Me Home
  14. I’d Never Be Me Without You
  15. The Semi-Final
  16. Babs’ Lament
  17. Rise
  18. Finale