The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years is an intimate musical that chronicles the five-year relationship between Jamie Wellerstein, a rising novelist, and Cathy Hiatt, a struggling actress.


The story is uniquely told in a non-linear format, with Cathy’s perspective beginning at the end of their marriage and moving backwards in time while Jamie’s starts at the beginning of their affair and moves forward.

This powerful and emotionally resonant musical highlights the joys and sorrows of love and success.

About the show

Songs from The Last Five Years

  1. Still Hurting
  2. Shiksa Goddess
  3. See I’m Smiling
  4. Moving Too Fast
  5. A Part of That
  6. The Schmuel Song
  7. A Summer in Ohio
  8. The Next Ten Minutes
  9. A Miracle Would Happen / When You Come Home to Me
  10. Climbing Uphill
  11. If I Didn’t Believe in You
  12. I Can Do Better Than That
  13. Nobody Needs to Know
  14. Goodbye Until Tomorrow / I Could Never Rescue You