The Little Big Things

The Little Big Things is based on the best-selling memoir by Henry Fraser.


When one moment changes everything, Henry’s family are split between a past they no longer recognise, and a future they could never foresee.

Can Mum and Dad rally his three brothers; as the family start a journey to overcome the unimaginable?

About the show

Songs from The Little Big Things

  1. Prologue
  2. Never Coming Home
  3. Feel Like This
  4. One to Seventeen
  5. Work of Heart
  6. Part of the Plan
  7. Uma Vida
  8. Why?
  9. Don’t Wanna Have To
  10. The World Is Waiting
  11. What I Need
  12. Silence of the Sea
  13. Things We Shouldn’t Do
  14. Sympathy
  15. Miles and Miles
  16. Guide You
  17. One to Seventeen (Reprise)
  18. The Little Big Things
  19. Playout