The Prom

The Prom is a heartfelt and humorous musical about acceptance and love.


The story revolves around Emma, a high school student in Indiana, who wants to take her girlfriend to the prom.

When the school’s PTA cancels the prom rather than allow two girls to attend together, a group of down-on-their-luck Broadway stars hears about Emma’s plight and descends on the small town to support her.

They work to give Emma a night where she can openly celebrate who she is.

The Prom blends comedy with powerful emotions, addressing important themes such as inclusivity and the fight against prejudice.

About the show

Songs from The Prom

  1. Changing Lives
  2. Changing Lives (Reprise)
  3. Just Breathe
  4. It’s Not About Me
  5. Dance with You
  6. The Acceptance Song
  7. You Happened
  8. We Look to You
  9. Tonight Belongs to You
  10. Zazz
  11. The Lady’s Improving
  12. Alyssa Greene
  13. Love Thy Neighbor
  14. Barry Is Going to Prom
  15. Unruly Heart
  16. It’s Time to Dance