The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer: The Musical Comedy is based on the 1998 film of the same name.


It follows Robbie Hart, a wedding singer in New Jersey during the 1980s, who is left at the altar on his own wedding day.

Heartbroken, Robbie begins to make every wedding as disastrous as his own until he meets Julia, a waitress, who wins his affection.

As Julia prepares to marry the wrong man, Robbie must decide if he will express his feelings or let her go through with it.

The musical is a humorous and heartfelt exploration of love and friendship, featuring a vibrant score that pays homage to the pop sounds of the ’80s.

About the show

Songs from The Wedding Singer

  1. It’s Your Wedding Day
  2. Someday
  3. A Note from Linda
  4. Pop!
  5. Somebody Kill Me
  6. A Note from Grandma
  7. Casualty of Love
  8. Come Out of the Dumpster
  9. Today You Are a Man
  10. George’s Prayer
  11. Not That Kind of Thing
  12. Saturday Night in the City
  13. All About the Green
  14. Someday (Reprise)
  15. Right in Front of Your Eyes
  16. Single
  17. If I Told You
  18. Let Me Come Home
  19. If I Told You (Reprise)
  20. Move That Thang
  21. Grow Old With You
  22. It’s Your Wedding Day (Finale)