We Are the Tigers

We Are the Tigers: A New Musical combines elements of comedy, mystery, and horror.


It revolves around a cheerleading squad trying to survive the night at a sleepover, where they are targeted by a serial killer.

The story is a satirical take on high school life and teen horror movies, exploring themes of friendship, peer pressure, and the challenges of adolescence.

As the night unfolds, the team members must face their fears, suspicions, and insecurities to uncover the killer among them.

About the show

Songs from We Are the Tigers

  1. Worst Team Ever
  2. Skype Tomorrow
  3. Before the Breakdown
  4. Captains Save the Team
  5. Shut Up and Cheer
  6. Don’t Even
  7. Backpack
  8. Before the Breakdown (Reprise)
  9. Wallflower
  10. Defense
  11. One of the Boys
  12. Watch and Learn
  13. Kick It Up
  14. If You Wanted Me
  15. Team Player
  16. Defense (Reprise)
  17. Push Comes to Shove
  18. Before the Breakdown (Reprise 2)
  19. We Are the Tigers